Kind Words


Vivid Leadership


Bianca Fischer, Global Director, Animals Asia:

The team undertook a Training Programme with Charly which has proven to be a worthwhile investment into the team’s success. Charly’s approach was exemplary, understanding the different obstacles and challenges our global teams were facing. She was able to deliver a series out outstanding remote training courses which have built the team’s confidence and furthered their ability to increase fundraised income from major donors.  Personally I found Charly to be an absolute please to work with, her friendly, calm and knowledgeable approach made the training not just educational but fun and interactive too. I would highly recommend anyone considering this investment in their team to undertake the training and coaching with Charly, a game changing investment.”

Casandra Bordeianu, Missing People:

” I found Charly’s presentation on leadership a real eye-opener. She brought everything to life with such ease and charisma, and delivered the presentation in such a way that it was easy to relate to the scenarios described and to think about ways to apply her tips into my role. It was clear Charly has a wealth of experience in the field and that she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. I would recommend speaking to Charly about Leadership to build up your understanding of your own natural styles and how to get the best out of working with colleagues.

Ashby Jenkins, Divisional Manager, TPP:

“Charly was great, I work for a commercial organisation and although Charly’s experience is mainly within the not for profit sector her approach and content was really relevant to my organisation. The delivery was inspiring and I’m putting in to practice several of the techniques I’ve learnt!”

Feedback from Resilience Workshop:

“A great investment – just three hours and I was helped to move from managing stress to challenging the way I view stressful circumstances and towards, hopefully, some long term change. Thank you!”

“We covered lots of useful content in this workshop but it always felt paced and comfortable. Charly presented some great guidance on managing resilience in a way I hadn’t considered it before, I have taken plenty of practical tips away to build into my every day life.”

“Charly really understands how resilience affects our ability to be our best selves. Her workshop explored what affects our resilience, where it comes from and how we can lose it. Exploring how self limiting beliefs can sabotage our resilience was particularly helpful. I will be using some of the tools we learnt to examine, reframe and reinforce those beliefs that may be holding me back from being at my most competent.”

“We covered lots of useful content in this workshop but it always felt paced and comfortable. Charly presented some great guidance on managing resilience in a way I hadn’t considered it before, I have taken plenty of practical tips away to build into my every day life.”

Simona Fionda, Financial Services Compensation Scheme:

“Charly was my first coaching experience and I have been delighted with it. She was easy to build rapport with and helped me with practical tools and encouragement during our sessions. I would highly recommend Charly to anyone who feels that coaching might be right for them or are thinking of trying it for the first time.”

Celia Blakeway-Phillips, Leighton Park School:

“Charly has been a really fantastic coach.  She never ceases to surprise me how she can come up with such fabulous techniques to help make my working life easier and more manageable.  She really is a power of strength! ” 

Ruth Ellul, Manchester University:

“It was a pleasure working with Charly. Over our coaching sessions, Charly helped me to gain a much better understanding of my priorities and also helped me to think further ahead to how this work would support my longer term career goals. Her encouragement created a great space to reflect and refocus my energy. Through her considerable hands-on experience, she brought an invaluable understanding of the complexities and demands of a my role.” 

Sharon Oakley, York University:

“Charlotte brings a wealth and depth of experience in Major Gift fundraising, combined with an excellent coaching style. During a period of significant organisational change, I came away from my coaching sessions feeling more energised, positive, and having identified key areas to focus on and new techniques to put into place – tremendously valuable. Thanks to Charly’s  support, challenge and encouragement, I am more effective at my role and now looking forward to future adventures!” 

Claire Thompson, Major Donor Fundraiser:

“I just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic talk this morning. It’s rare to listen to such a likeable and knowledgeable speaker, I think you made a real connection with the room. I came away with so many notes, actions and ideas. My mind tends to drift at these kind of dos as we hear perennial advice over and over, but you were brilliant, quite the opposite. I am so grateful for all the ideas and resulting plans which you have catalysed for me/us.”

Rob Woods, Bright Spot Fundraising:

‘I’ve worked with Charlotte for over ten years and have found her to be outstanding. As an associate coach and trainer for Bright Spot Fundraising time and again her clients have told me how much progress they have made with Charlotte’s support.

Above all, though, what stands out is her generous nature and practised skill in helping those around her succeed. If you would like or need to make progress, a smart move would be to contact her to find out about coaching and training.”

Joyce Kallevik, Director of Wish:

“Charlotte’s ability to share her knowledge and provide support in an empowering way, combined with her thorough understanding of how organisations work, has ensured that Wish has become skilled-up to take forward this important funding stream with absolute confidence and success.  Thank you Charlotte.”

Desiree D’Souza, Leonard Cheshire Disability:

“Charlotte is a pleasure to work with. She is a great listener and fantastic coach. She has so many experiences to draw from that she was able to help me both as the manager of a busy team at a large, national charity and when I was seeking more targeted support in specific fundraising areas.  It was brilliant to have her wisdom, support and encouragement which helped me to work more independently and to trust my instincts. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Charlotte.”

Henry Shelford, Imperial College London:

“Thank you very much for all your help. There are 3 main areas where you’ve helped me: 
1. I have found your helpful prompting questions so useful for forcing my thought process and prioritisation over the last few months. Nothing beats articulating the thoughts that have been unfocused and unformed for some time! 

2. I am also grateful for your helpful introductions to people who you think can and did help along the path. I thought this was particularly unselfish of you. 

3. Your fundraising expertise and how you gently applied it to the situations I described. Especially helpful when I had lost sight of the theory/ logical path.”

Susan Foster, National Trust:

“Charlotte is a skilled coach and fundraising expert with the ability to empower others to work effectively and reach their potential. I worked with Charlotte for almost three years and in that time she transformed major gift fundraising at the National Trust. Under Charlotte’s leadership the Philanthropy team flourished and stretching income targets were exceeded. Charlotte worked with our Board of Trustees to facilitate peer-to-peer major giving and created a step-change in the way the Philanthropy Team operated. She is a pleasure to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend her.”