Dynamic team development programme for the not-for-profit sector

Are you a non-profit leader struggling to motivate your team?

Leading a team is never easy. Leading a team in the charity sector is particularly challenging.

You’re facing tight budgets, time pressures and numerous stakeholders.

The uncertainty of the last year has thrown your plans into disarray.

Your team is scattered, tired and struggling to stay engaged and productive.

You’re constantly putting out fires rather than working strategically.

No matter how much effort you all make, it never feels like enough.

The team development days facilitated by Charly have brought us closer together. We now have absolute clarity about what our purpose is, and the way we wish to work together to deliver our goals, particularly income growth. As a leader, I believe that looking after my team is vital, and having time together on a well-crafted and facilitated away day is key to this.”

– Louise McCathie, Director of Fundraising, NHS Charities Together

What if you and your team were thriving, effective and fulfilled?

Step out of the day-to-day for a moment. Imagine having the time and space in which you and your team could:

  • Have fun and build stronger relationships based on authenticity and trust.
  • Understand each other’s strengths, differences and how they complement each other.
  • Have honest conversations about what you all need and how you can support each other.
  • Gain the tools you need to build individual and group wellbeing and resilience.
  • Create a blueprint of shared values, behaviours and ambitions.
  • Become a cohesive and effective team that achieves more together.

Introducing Purpose, Progress, Performance

Open for exploratory calls for the limited time of November 2021!

Choose from fully virtual or blended virtual and face-to-face delivery (COVID-dependent)

Purpose, Progress, Performance is designed for the unique challenges of the non-profit sector, to elevate wellbeing, resilience and performance on an individual, team and leadership level. Blending training, group and one-to-one coaching, you’ll leave with all the tools you need to keep going, even on the toughest of days.

What’s included in Purpose, Progress, Performance

A scoping session to tailor the programme to your personal, team and organisational needs.

A suite of virtual half-day team development sessions, for up to 10 participants*, containing a mix of training and group coaching. 

Personalised C-Me personality profiling reports for each team member.

A review session at the end of the programme, with personalised guidance and tools to help you keep momentum and embed the learning beyond the programme.

A feedback and evaluation summary on how your team members found the programme and the impact it had.

How it works

01: We start with a focus on individuals, improving their wellbeing and performance.

02: From there we can begin to build strong and cohesive teams that work effectively together.

03: Finally we look at equipping individuals and teams to contribute to the wider organisation, purpose and mission.

What you and your team will learn

– The relationships between pressure, wellbeing and feeling fulfilled.

– The physiological effects of stress and how to counter them.

– What mindset really means and how to change yours to achieve your goals.

– How to manage a large workload in a high pressure environment.

– Discover your values and beliefs and how they shape who you are and what you do.

– The importance of identifying and building on your energising strengths.

– How to communicate powerfully, influence effectively and increase your authority.

And a lot more besides!

Build your own programme with optional extras

Open for exploratory calls for the limited time of November 2021!

Your Purpose, Progress, Performance programme can be personalised even further with bonus input where it’s needed most, including:

One-to-one coaching for all team members.

Group coaching for direct reports.

360 degree feedback reports.

Bite sized webinars.

“The programme has been a fantastic bonding experience, and a chance for us all to feel comfortable in identifying our strengths and development areas. We now know how to get the best out of each other and bounce back from challenges. It’s definitely brought us closer and made us a much better fundraising department.”

– Jess Sayer, Alzheimer’s Research UK

Meet Charly White, specialist charity leadership trainer and coach

With a background in fundraising for the likes of the NSPCC and The National Trust, Charly understands all too well the challenges that come with working in the charity sector. Since qualifying as a coach and trainer, she has supported over 900 non-profit leaders both online and face-to-face. Charly lives with her family in Bristol, where she is also a trustee of Penny Brohn UK.

Some of the charities Charly has worked with:

Need to spread the cost?

We understand the financial constraints that non-profit organisations face. Don’t let a lack of budget keep you from investing in your team. We may be able to offer payment plans on request.

Are you ready to start achieving more together?

There’s never enough time. There’s never enough money. But investing in your team can help you maximise the time and the money you do have and get great results. Are you ready?

Open for exploratory calls for the limited time of November 2021!