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The experience of coaching is thought-provoking, transformational and at times very challenging. You will see your world in a whole new light, which in turn will lead you to think differently and take action.

Choose one of our Coaching Services:

Personal Coaching

Vivid Personal Coaching can help you to align your core values with actions and realise a more balanced and fulfilled life. 

Through understanding what is important to you and what you would like your future to be, both professionally and personally, we can propel you to create the change you need to achieve your goals. We can give you space, support, challenge and focus. Our work together will also give you motivation and resilience for lasting results.

To experience Vivid Personal Coaching and seek to take your first step towards the future you want, apply here.

“I've worked with Charly for over ten years and have found her to be outstanding. As an associate coach and trainer for Bright Spot Fundraising time and again her clients have told me how much progress they have made with Charly's support. Above all, though, what stands out is her generous nature and practised skill in helping those around her succeed. If you would like or need to make progress, a smart move would be to contact her to find out about coaching and training.”

Rob Woods, Bright Spot Fundraising

Executive Coaching

Continuous change and a fast-paced world require new kinds of leaders: leaders with the emotional and intellectual ability to create a vivid image of the future, with the passion to work hard to deliver and the interpersonal skills to take people with them. With Vivid Executive Coaching you will be connected to what you really care about, and the difference you want to make. You will develop your authentic leadership style.

Vivid Executive Coaching is about expanding who you are; it’s a potent way to transform how you see yourself, others and the options available to you. Through in-depth conversations and action planning you will move beyond any negative habits and dissolve barriers that currently seem immovable. The experience will be deeply transformative. The results can include huge shifts in personal confidence, more impactful relationships and can transform organisational performance.

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Group Coaching

Vivid Group Coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context, usually with up to ten participants. Through taking part in group coaching, you will benefit from the intimate conversation space focused on shared goals, deepening understanding around certain issues and taking action.

You may find group coaching to be a powerful way to open up communication between silos in different parts of the organisation. The close engagement among group members and the strong focus on helping each other can quickly help to form a close bond in which you and your group members come to rely on each other to achieve your goals. It is also a useful follow-on from training, whereby you are supported in applying your learning and making changes over time.

To learn more about this cost-effective and impactful way to facilitate change and embed learning, please get in touch.