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About Vivid Works

Vivid Works provides enriching coaching and training experiences. We give leaders and teams the tools and support they need to achieve their goals. We also work with leaders to further develop their authentic leadership style and achieve peak performance both for themselves and their team.

Vivid Works helps clients to define the future they wish to create, identify the options available to them, and take proactive steps towards change. Clients leave feeling lighter and with an inner drive that often surprises them. A world of possibilities open up. They see the world around them in brighter vivid colours.

About Charlotte

Charlotte is dedicated to helping leaders, often in demanding roles, to achieve their potential whilst maintaining a happy and healthy work-life balance. Charly is living proof that the more vivid the picture you create of the life you want to lead, the more likely you are to achieve it – Vivid Works!

Charly’s background is working in the not-for-profit sector, primarily in fundraising. She has worked with some of the UK's leading philanthropists and for over twelve years raised significant funds for a range of organisations including the NSPCC, The National Trust and Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington, New Zealand.

Charly is now an executive coach and trainer. Her mission is to help leaders and teams achieve greater impact whilst having plenty of fun along the way. 

Charly is also a trustee of Penny Brohn UK, a national charity dedicated to helping people live well with cancer.

Vivid events are running right now. They are purposely designed to help you learn new insights and enjoy some time out networking. Head on over to our events page now and book your place at an upcoming event.